Geri Anasayfa


New Public Administration and Obesity Problem in Turkey

New public management has a people-oriented management approach. It is therefore in favor of developing policies to extend the quality and duration of human life. It also stressed the need to take measures before the problems. Public administration, this approach within the framework of policies put forward by the central government is trying to implement through local governments and civil society organizations. This binding in its quality of life that threaten human health and take the necessary measures related to obesity, which has become a social epidemic that reduces, to produce policies, and must apply. On the other hand, civil society organizations and local governments struggle with obesity also needs to support this organization from legal and financial aspects of the central government to play an active role. In other words, to mobilize all the forces of society in the fight against obesity, and it is difficult to create a public awareness on this issue. Central administration to be both people-oriented concept of new public management principles as well as a result of the effective and efficient use of public resources has to the macadel obesity. Because of the many obese people who are working at a low efficiency of the country's development and to provide sufficient and necessary additives are present in a helpless situation. On the other hand a significant portion of public resources are spent to treat obese people. Healthy i

New Public Management, Obesity, Nutrition, Health Improve