Geri Anasayfa


Religious, Political and Literate Works of Hasan Kafi El-akhisari Albosnevi (Death 1025 H)

Hasan KAFİ EL- AKHİSARİ is one of the most important Islamic scholars of Hijri 11th century, narrating in three languages including Arabic, Turkish and Bosnian. He continued his life between Istanbul and Bosnia. He participated in some wars of the Ottoman army, however came across the weak period of the Ottoman Empire. El- Akhisari spent most of his life as muslim judge and in science and teaching. He lived out most of his life in different fields such as Islamic Law, Philosophy, Literature, Logic, Political science. So in this research, I will talk about his occupation, lineage and life. I will also include his studies in religious, political and literary fields. I will mention his most famous books and manuscripts and the places where they are. One of the reasons that I prefered to make this study is that studies regarding El-Akhisari's science, literature and thoughts are very few. However, he is one of the most valuable scholars of the Ottoman Empire. He is one of the most significant scholars of the century narrating in different languages. He especially wrote about Islamic religion and political science. Despite this, there are no texts about his life in the works written in Turkish and Arabic. There are no researches made and articles written about him. The aim of the thesis: The purpose of this research is to discourse Hasan Kafi El – Akhisari' s studies on religious, political and literary fields and to mention the most important books and manuscripts. In addition, it is to introduce and reveal this scientific expert that many people do not know. Research Method: This research summarizes El-Akhisari's own scientific endeavors by researching his printed and handwritten books. However, in order to summarize El-Akhiari's ideas and views, it relies on small analysis by reading the contents of his books.

Hasan KAFİ, AKHİSARİ, Islamic Law, Philosophy, Literature