Geri Anasayfa


The Role of Religion on Golden Horde-Ilkhanid Relations

Mongol tribes that gathered around Genghis Khan prompted an invasion movement in the first quarter of the XIIIth century and extended from Asia to Europe in a short period of time and founded remarkable factions on the lands they conquered. The states that were founded by the sons of Genghis Khan and his grandsons ignored the rights of Genghis of which he granted to subjects and fought with each other on many occasions. Genghis Khan left much of the lands he conquered and these lands were governed by his grandsons and founded the Golden Horde. Though some quarrels happened during the reign of Mengü Khan, the lands conquered thereof was left to Golden Horde led by the sons of Cuci. However, with the Western campaign by Hulagu during the Golden Horde, Abbasid Caliphate collapsed and gave birth to quarrels between the grandsons of Genghis after the establishment of Ilkhanids in the Middle East. The present study investigates the promised lands of Genghis for the Golden Horde and domination quest on the lands of Azerbaijan that constitutes the struggle between Ilkhanids and Golden Horde from a historical point of view. THe role of religion in Ilkhanid-Golden Horde rivalry and the influence of Mamluks which exposed to be leader of the Sunni World would also be concerned. Especially, the conversion of Berke Khan to Islam who led the Golden Horde paved the way crucial wars and the reasons why these wars are occurred are to explained in detail regarding the role of religious policies and practices.

Mongols, Golden Horde, Ilkhanids, Mamluks, Religious Policy