Geri Anasayfa


The Perception of the Committee of Union and Progress in High School History Textbooks from Past to Present

The political, social and economic policies of the Committee of Union and Progress, which have a special role in the creation of modern Turkey, have only been discussed in a problematic and limited way. Prevalent historiography and teaching present this era as a dark age of the Turkish history and emphasize that Ataturk's republican regime is more distinct than the previous eras. One of the key areas where the official history is criticised is in relation to disregarding 1908, which chronologically and metaphorically stands behind the Republic. The representation of the period between the First World War and proclamation of the Republic only in relation to dissolution period of the Ottoman Period and not establishing a link with the Republic, is a simple depiction of the conceptual difference between the official history and actual history. Political cadre of the republican era asserts that the new regime is fundamentally different than the old one in the aspects of organization and structure, and therefore every historical event and phenomenon is conveyed through reconstruction. The most direct and effective example of this is the history textbooks. Textbooks do not only describe phenomena, they also convey and legitimize the dominant ideology. This work analyzes the reflection of the pro-CUP perception before and after the republic in high school history textbooks.

Committee of Union and Progress, Constitutional Monarchy, Revolution, Progressive Republican Party,