Geri Anasayfa


Sections from the Letters Dr. Şükrü Kamil Talimcioğlu Wrote to His Son Dr. Reşit

When we review the historical development of medicine based on historical sources, we encounter the biographies, memoirs, letters, personal notes, and intellectual proposals of those who served medicine. In order to perform productive studies especially in Turkish medical history, we are in great need of studies made in this field and the biographies and works of the physicians who served Turkish medicine. Therefore, it is necessary to convey the written documents and published Works of past periods to our time especially in the studies to be carried out to provide contributions to the Turkish medical history. It is an important work for researchers to find such historical books and information that are present in some libraries or private collections but have not been uncovered yet and to make them available to the public again. Introducing the renowned characters of the Turkish medical history to the physicians of our time with their specific professional characteristics and the works they performed is an important academic mission. There are many physicians who should be considered in this context. We see some sections of the letters physician, author and journalist Dr. Şükrü Kamil Tâlimcioğlu, who is one of the abovementioned characters, wrote to his son Dr. Reşit in the book written by Dr. Feridun Frik. We present these sections from that book, which is in our medical history archive, retaining their original forms and without making any changes in their wording. Considering the historical importance of the types of literature such as letter and diary, the sections from the letters of Dr. Şükrü Kamil will help us understand the period of time in which he lived and his ideas. This issue constitutes the core philosophy of our paper. Therefore, we include in our article the letters of Dr. Tâlimcioğlu to his son, which we encountered in a book of historical value and which summarize his views on life, to provide a reference and guidance for today’s researchers. The reason for avoiding making any changes in the original text included in this article is to invite proposals from Turkish language experts for making corrections in the text. The excerpts from the original texts of the letters should be evaluated by the specialists of this field with respect to contemporary Turkish language an spelling rules.

Dr. Şükrü Kamil, History of medicine, Letter