Geri Anasayfa


The Story of Bamsı Beyrek In Terms of Values Which Ensure Dramatic Action

Dede Korkut Stories are unique masterpieces of Turkish culture. These stories have an important position among the works that based on expression in Turkish literature. Dede Korkut Stories have been listened and read pleasantly by Turks; because of this fact, Anatolian Turks felt a deep love and commitment against the ancestors of Oghuz. The places such as Greek Province, Georgia, Karadervent, Avnik Castle and Bayburt Fortress mentioned in the story of Bamsı Beyrek have indicated that episodes have occurred in Anatolia and at a wider context in South Caucasus. When being looked at the names of the places, it can be viewed that Dede Korkut Stories have common sounds and heritages of Caucasian people within its structure. Whether oral or written, searching Dede Korkut Stories which have a literary identity, by a variety of methods, has an importance in terms of understanding how deep meanings those stories, which are the masterworks of Turkish culture, have. These stories have both sensual dimension and a deeper multi – layer spiritual structure. In this study when in the sensual dimension the states of indicators against each other providing dramatic action have been pursued, in the deep structure the returning process of Bamsı Beyrek, protagonist of the story, back to home has been analyzed by the means of showing conflict states of values. In the study, the content of the story is tried to be interpreted by describing the phenomenons. This study aims to evaluate the story in terms of homosemiotics.

Dede Korkut Stories, Caucasia, Bamsı Beyrek, ülkü values, conflict values, return.