Geri Anasayfa


The Oak Tree As a Symbol of the Uniqueness, Firend and Shelter in the Story of "Kendi Mezarını Kazan Adam/ A Man Digging His Own Grave"

Oak tree in the world, such as culture, Turkish culture is a sacred meaning. “Kendi Mezarını Kazan Adam” ("Digging Your Own Grave Man”) the title story, a man named Mehmet Aga, who were dependent on nature, nature is reactive contamination of mechanization and concrete piles. Mehmet Aga's confidant, and shelter, "Uniqueness of the icon," the oak tree. In this article, Mehmet Aga how a method is followed in order to prevent land turnarounding of the concrete structure and oak tree how to have a meaning and function were assessed.

story, nature, tree, grave, uniqueness, symbol, shelter