Geri Anasayfa


The Vîllage in the Stories by Yusuf Atılgan

Yusuf Atılgan (1921-1989) collected his stories in a book named “Bodur Minareden Öte” (Beyond the Shortie Minaret) (1960). The book consists of three volumes, “Kasabadan” (From the Town) “Köyden” (From the Village) and “Kentten” (From the City). The space element in four stories of the second volume, -“Tutku”(Passion), “Kümesin Ötesi”(Beyond the Coop), “Dedikodu”(Gossip) and “Yük”(Load)- has been analyzed in this study. The place of the events, milieu and physical environments of the persons have been dwelled on as parts of the space. İnitially the stories have been analyzed one by one, afterwards an overall evaluation has been done. In the stories by Atılgan the village is a place that an oppressive and narrow milieu and a negative physical environment existed together. The persons of the stories can not achieve their goals. Because of that they long for an escape.

Yusuf Atılgan, story, village, space