Geri Anasayfa


Proverbs and Idioms in the Context of Gender in Turkish

Culture, includes all the abstract and concrete structures institutions in a society. In this sense, ‘culture’ can be defined as a social knowledge that is containing both nationality and universality. When considering about the culture, it can be seen some mutual determinations in a terms of gender mainstreaming roles. The gender stereotype creates the culture; and also the culture allows the transfer of interpersonal and intergenerational structures. In this context, an imminent structure of language descriptively has a translative role in all the cultural features as identifier. While doing this, it uses some forms of expression of the verbal culture traditions. These expression forms are proverbs and idioms. In cultural transmission, these are important as reflecting the point of view of society and perspectives of them. The purpose of this study, to present the role of man and woman in Turkish society by the direction of proverbs and idioms, and also the expectations of society from these roles. In this study, the proverbs and idioms are including notions of “girl, boy; woman, man” will be evaluated and these notions will be examined in the context of gender mainstreaming.

proverb, idiom, culture, role, social gender