Geri Anasayfa


The Role of Fusion Mechanism in the Word Formation of Early Turkic Languages and the Etymology of One Kinship Term

There are some cases of lexical correlations found in Turkic epos and written monuments in general that are interesting material both for the qualification of the role and place of the fusional mechanism in the structural development of the languages and for investigating of the development dynamics and tendencies of their structural peculiarities. The analysis of the lexical correlation oğlan~ulan, oğlak~ulak corroborates once more that word variability is not a problem of lexical level but of grammatical system. Thus, parallel examples in question are organically related to the problem of derivative long vowels that are not in line with the agglutinative structure of Turkic languages.

fusional mechanism, agglutinative system, monosyllabical system, term of kinship, length of derivati