Geri Anasayfa


Traces of the Shamanism in Devlet Ana Novel

Organization of the Ottoman States is subejct of the Devlet Ana novel. Organization within the scope of the novel, the Ottoman State, the period includes information about community social and cultural life. These data will be evaluated in terms of continuity of culture ın this article. Turks living in a cosmopolitan area, belonging to Islam despite the fact that many elements of shamanism, which is still reminiscent of the old belief systems. These elements are described in detail in the novel, the old Turkish culture. In this case, the understanding of the novel and the story of Kemal Tahir’s socialist approach to society as a social historian, is the main factor. Old traditions of Turkish life, customs, beliefs, practices and lifestyle in a contemporary poet Kemal Tahir in the context of the transfer function is installed. Devlet Ana, with all these features in the history of Turkish culture is a work that contains important data.

Novel, Ottoman State, shamanism, belief, practical