Geri Anasayfa


Yezîdîsm and the Harrânî Traces in Yezîdîsm

According to many sources of Islam, Yezîdîsm was founded by the people who were follower of sufi Sheikh Adi b. Musafir who lived in the 12 th century and it is defined as an Islamic source syncretic sect or current that regards Yezid b. Muaviye as a superhuman being. Yezîdîsm has been discussed among one of the groups about the name of its source, process of its formation and ideas. Yezîdîsm that extends a syncretic content was affected by Harrânîs which occured with the effect of paganist, plotiest Mesopotamia, Iran religions, Judaism and Christianity. In many sources the religions written above are said to contribute Yezîdîsm but in which situations and how they contributed is not indicated. In some sources only some information is available about them. In this study as it is a detailed subject to determine which religions contributed to the Yezîdîsm, we restricted the subject only whith the Harrânîsm. We tried to interpret similiar things while determining the traces and effects of Yezîdîsm in Harrânîs. So, we aimed to illuminate some beliefs and practises in Yezîdîsm in the back plan of history.

Yezîdîsm, Syncretism, Adi b. Musafir, Harrânîs