Geri Anasayfa


Notes on the Etymology of Oghuz Turkic Geşür “Carrot” at Dîvân Lugât At-Turk

Mahmûd al-Kâshgarî examines Oghuz Turkic geşür “carrot” at Dîvân Lugât at-Turk in the entry of turma “radish”. He expresses that an important part of Turks says sarıg turma for carrot. The people of Argu call the latter gezri borrowing the Persian word for carrot gezer and the Oghuz call it geşür which they also borrowed from Persian. In this paper we will put the emphasis on the etymology of geşür “carrot” that belongs to agriculture culture and firstly demonstrated in Dîvân Lugât at-Türk among the historic texts until today. We will work to prove that geşür didn’t passed from Persian gezer but was passed to XI. century Oghuz Turkic from gacur which was Sanskrit origin.

Dîvân Lugât at-Turk, agriculture, geşür “carrot”, etymology, Sanskrit.