Geri Anasayfa


An Assay on A Turkish Folk Music Song From Fenomenological Perspective : 'Yüce Dağ Başında Yanar Bir Işık'

Fairy tales, myths and legends, such as oral narratives of culture, on the one hand tells, by a symbolic language, changes and formations of national consciousness, other hand from universal mean contributes the string of existential values of people. Turkish folk songs bears great suffers, seperateness and happiness of Turkish society. They tells that from local dimensions to universal perspectives. So songs can be named as cultural memory element. Generally Turkish folk songs systematically have been studied comprehensively. They have not been classified to their topics and formal features and considered as simple texts. An assay on texts from fenomonoligical perspective may attribute to expose uncover layers of multi faceted meaning of folk narratives. Also that may reflects the fear, anxiety, hope, joy of subject and object that finds a life in songs. So we consider that will help to understand 'human'.

Folk Songs, text analysis, love