Geri Anasayfa


One Meaning of a Word in the Book of Dede Korkut

Dede Korkut Stories are among the important sources of Turkish culture. Poetry and story come together. Many publications have been made about the book in Turkey and abroad. Samples were prepared versions of novels and tales. There are also examples of opera and theater. New experiments are made in the form of television series. Considered the source of the classic Turkish folk storytelling. Turkish culture and literature is the source of the important issues. But musicality aspect is not dealt with yet sufficiently because the music needs to be considered poems. Word structure varies as. Different dialect, a combination of features. But this harmony is a factor that. The oldest written text to be read some words in different ways. This article focuses on a word. There are different readings of the word About the different meanings of the word have been suggested. This article will focus on the meanings. In addition, the proposal will be a new meaning.

A word in the Dede Korkut, sleep and sleep, entertainment, the theory of poetry, written culture