Geri Anasayfa


Oh Characters of Aman Saspaev stories

The authorship of Aman Saspayev, who is one of the important figures living in the story valley of Kyrgyz literature, starts in China. He wrote his first works in Kazakh and Uyghur Turkish. His first stories were published as Gülkayır (Ebegümeci) in 1966. The protagonist of Sarala İt is the dog of the village. In addition to the story, people also shape the characters in the story titled as “Sarala İt”. The protagonist of the Sarala İt story is the silent dog Sarala in the village. This dog abstains from the other dogs of the village. “Such a creature which does not struggle in life and which is indifferent to itself is rarely present.” (Saspayev 1991: s.335.). The protagonists of the stories which A.Saspayev wrote during the period of Soviet Union often consisted of women, men and children. Those characters were not concerned about analysing Soviet socio-politics of the period. The characters were chosen in order to explain the universal humane experiences rather than being ideological figures. The author does not involve the characters in intellectual arguments. However, he sometimes makes descriptions which enable the readers feel the atmosphere of the period. It is noticeable that the protagonists of the story were usually men in his stories written in that period. For example, Kelginbay in Tatım Tuz, Şaken in Dost ve Araba, two young people in Sır, Bököbay in Hırsız, Ermek in Akraba, the author in Köylü Şairin Bir Günü, Beraber Yaşamaya Devam Edermiş, İmaken in Kızıraleyhisselam etc. Aman Saspayev does not give place to negative people in the society in his stories. He involves ordinary people of the daily life instead of thieves, murderers, cheaters etc. He writes about the personality aspects of the characters and about the positive and negative sides of that personality. Characters such as thieves, murderers are rarely found in his stories. Women are usually explained as positive figures in Aman Saspayev’s stories. The social status of the character is not emphasized in the story; however, most of the characters are chosen among the people who work at kolkhozi in villages rather than those working in cities. Although he writes in line with the story of situation, it is noticeable that he sometimes writes stories of event. His purpose in explaining events is not to give the event and make people think about it; rather, he tries to put forward the situation within the event. We believe that he will be followed in story writing in Kyrgyz literature due to his literary understanding and approach.

Kyrgyz short story writing, Aman Saspayev, Memduh Shevket Esendal, hero of the story