Geri Anasayfa


Search, Change and Transformation Process of Main Character in the Novel of Osmancık

ABSTRACT Success is measured rather by creating characters in historical novels. Tarık Buğra’s novel Osmancık is a successful character novel which is about the life of Osman Bey, the founder of Ottoman Empire. This work has a structure which is called triangular desire and this structure is not seen in most fiction novels. There are desiring subject and desired object with mediator in the triangular desire of the work. In the narrative of Osmancık, the main character who has the same name of the novel, Osmancık’s adventure of change and development actualizes in the mentioned triangular desire. Osmancık performs his identity and personality exams under the leadership of Ede Balı, who is in the position of his mediator. He finds the other in himself, his perception of life changes with the warnings of Ede Balı, who is in the position of his counsellor. In his personal journey, as he recognized himself, his perception of time and space changes.He puts himself under the command of national identity rather than i

Key Words: Sword, change, Ede Balı, almond tree, lodge