Geri Anasayfa


An Analysis Essay On The Story "Yatık Emine" By The Narrator Of Country Stories, Refik Halit Karay

Refik Halit Karay (1888-1965) has a quite important place in Turkish storytelling. Narrator has gained this importance by working on Anatolian people’s psychology, way of living and standing against the life, and all together possibilities and impossibilities of the geography of Anatolia in his stories with an effective ability of observation. He has reflected the land and its people in-depth that he became acquainted with in Sinop, Corum, Ankara and Bilecik, where he travelled through during his exile (1913-1918), in his piece of work “Memleket Hikâyeleri”, and he has became one of the pioneers on taking Turkish storytelling out of Istanbul. The narrator has included Anatolia, which has not found enough place in our storytelling except for a few stories till those years, into his stories with a unique wording and pure Turkish as well as a different sound and point of view. The aim of this paper is to analyze the story Yatık Emine, which takes place in the aforementioned piece of work “Memleket Hikâyeleri” and characterizes the narrators literary understanding significantly, under three main headlines: “Content of the Story”, “Structure of the Story” and “Language, Narration Styles and Wording of the Story”.

Memleket Hikâyeleri, Yatık Emine, content, structure, language.