Geri Anasayfa


Azerbaijan and Azerbaijanis in the Short Story Book of Cihan Aktaş Titled

Cihan Aktaş who is known by his books of thought and review as well as short stories published nine short story books between 1992 and 2009. The author, who refers to Azerbaijan and Azerbaijanis, especially in his short story book titled the Last Day of Azize (1997), either brought interesting portraits of Azerbaijani Turks in these texts or conveyed important information related to the culture, folklore, social and political life and economical conditions of Azerbaijan. He also narrated his impressions related to Azerbaijan geography and environmental area, especially to Baku. In this article, we will attempt to understand image/perception of Azerbaijan and Azerbaijanis reflecting on the book of Cihan Aktaş titled “the Last Day of Azize”.

Turkish Short Story, Caucasia, Azerbaijanis, Azerbaijan, Cihan Aktaş