Geri Anasayfa


Two Ghazals with the Redif “What Can I Do?" of Ahmet Paşa and The Hopeless Lover Image in the Divan Literature

In the two ghazals with the redif “what can I do?"of Ahmet Paşa, the situation of the lover in the face beloved is reflected to us in a hopeless situation By taking in hand these two works and benefiting from a variety of sources, we stood on different understanding dimensions of the love in mysticism in axis of administrative structure in tradition of the Divan poetry. Accordingly, different hopeless lover image has appeared. Such as power, force, authority to the lover’s supreme features and eyes, hair, length, lips and to the elements of other beauties and to the effect of on the lover of these have been mentioned. Correspondingly, the lover’ hopeless, wretched, addicted and similar qualifications have been put forward and has been described hopelessness of lover in the face of beloved.

Ghazals Commentary, Divan Literature, Lover, Beloved, The Hopeless Lover Image