Geri Anasayfa


Alâim-i Cerrâhîn: An Example for the First Writen Turkish Surgical Scriptures in Anatolia

In the history of the development of Turkish Language, the Old Anatolian Turkish represents a phase carrying distinctive features. In terms of written production, generally this period is quite rich. Together with religious and literary works, medical texts were also generated.The work taken into consideration carries all the general features of Old Anatolian Turkish, as to sound and composition. The most important feature of the book is that the first time it has mentioned about injuries made by firearms and syphilis which was becoming widespread in the 15th century in Europe. The work sheds light on the religious and cultural characteristics of the period in which it was written and it exhibits the Turkish linguistic heritage. As it is a piece of medical writing, the medical terminology is rich. It also includes the various herbs contained in the manufacture of the medicines used in the cure of patients. Therefore, the names of the plants are a salient element in the text. For all these reasons, Alâ’im-i Cerrâhîn can be used as a source for future studies in Turcology and in the History of Medicine. In this work, the book has been presented with its copies and detailed information about its heading subjects, author and writing time was given.

Alâ’im-i Cerrâhîn, Cerrâh-nâme, Cerrah İbrahim, Medical History