Geri Anasayfa


Additions From Tarsus Region to the Dictionary of Compilation (Derleme Sozlugu) and the Dictionary of Mersin Dialect (Mersin Agzi Sozlugu)

Our local dialects have begun to be forgotten rapidly following the mass communication media entered in our lives. This situation deeply impacts our dialects in terms of structure (morphology), sound (phonetics), and repertory of words (vocabulary). Our dialects are approaching the grammar rules of the written language by the impact of the mass communication media and facing weakening in terms of vocabulary by the time passes. In other words, local dialects are approaching the written language being unable to protect itself against the pressure of the written language and vocabulary is exposed to wear stemming from not being used. These words which are facing extinction in the dialects should be registered in no time. Up to this time in this subject many studies belonging to various regions of our country have been done. This study was prepared as an addition to those studies.

Researches of dialects, dictionary of dialect, Tarsus, dictionary of compilation (Derleme Sozlugu),