Geri Anasayfa


Postmodern Elements in Hasan Ali Toptaş’s Narrative Named “Gölgesizler”

Hasan Ali Toptaş is an important person among the postmodernist authors. The author started to publish his works in 1980 and in this study, his narrative Gölgesizler which was published in 1944 and got Yunus Nadi reward, will be considered in terms of some postmodern elements. Especially, Gölgesizler, Kayıp Hayaller Kitabı and Bin Hüzünlü Haz are a major narratives in terms of this subject. Gölgesizler is not only important in terms of its postmodern elements it is also significant because of its avantgarde narrative. As the subject of this study is a narrative named Gölgesizler that is a postmodern text, the understanding of the postmodern narrative will be mentioned briefly and then the postmodern elements of this narrative text will be explained.

Postmodernizm, Hasan Ali Toptaş, Gölgesizler.