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ln Language Characteristics of Last period Chagatai Poet Baba Rahim Mashrab’s Kitab-ı Mabda-i Nur Masnavi

Baba Rahim Mashrab who lived in 17th and 18th centuries, was the poet of Last Period Chagatai. One of his works was Kitab-ı Mebde-i Nur Masnavi. In this article, after mentioning the life and poetism of Baba Rahim Mashrab, the language characteristics of Kitab-ı Mebde-i Nur will be described. Kitab-ı Mebde-i Nur written in Chagatai Turkish, has a very rich language material. Some language characteristics which are different from the Classical Period Chagatai Turkish, take attention. In this study, not all of language characters are going to be determined, but outcoming language characteristics and language characteristics which we think are different from Classical Period Chagatai texts, are going to be determined.

Baba Rahim Mashrab, Kitab-ı Mebde-i Nur, Chagatai Turkish, Language Characteristics