Geri Anasayfa


An Essay on Re-Interpreting Ziya Gökalp’s Poem “Lisan (Language)” By Means of Key Word Approach

Ziya Gökalp was a man of thought who lived between 1876-1924. Whereas he preferred prose to get his ideas across to the upper classes, he chose poetry to express the same ideas to common people and children. His poem Lisan (language) exemplifies this best. The poem, which consists of ten stanzas, can be interpreted by assigning a different key word to each stanza: 1.The Istanbul Dialect, 2. Pure Turkish, 3. Turkified Turkish, 4.Synonymity, 5.Popular Colloquial Turkish, 6. Living Turkish, 7. Advanced Turkish, 8. Turkic Dialects, 9. Turkic Languages, 10. Unity in Language. In this study, Ziya Gökalp’s poem Lisan is treated with a new way of interpretation by means of the key words in these ten items.

Turkish instruction, teaching reading, Ziya Gökalp, Poem Lisan, the method key words