Geri Anasayfa


Dissidence on Religious Ground in the Press of Jon Turk

Jön Turkishness which came as a action of freedom and illumination from West and generated too İttihad-Terakkî rather is name of actions of political dissidence in period of Abdülhamid II. Dissidence to regime of Abdülhamid II which put forward concept of fidelity and advanced thus persons from better educated bureaucrats and officers, and wish of constitutionalism become common point of Jön Turkishness. Actions of Jön Turk turned to dissidence of undergraduates from 1889; expanded thoroughly with participation of bureaucrats and officers and ulema in 1894. Ottoman political thoughts and discussions can have been followed in the period of 1878-1908 rather from press of Jön Turk. This press too not homogeneous same Jön Turkishness and opposite thesises was defended even in the official organs of same organization. Periodicals and newspapers of Jön Turk be actived with near to hundred numbers in various fan. There are too publications which were opposed on religious ground in the press of Jön Turk when revolt with wish of the Shari’a against revolution of 1908. The characteristic of dissidence on religious ground in the press of Jön Turk can be observed in the Ezan which was produced in 1896 Geneva and Kânûn-ı Esâsî which was produced in 1897 Kahire.

Jön Turkishness, Abdülhamid II, dissidence, Kanun-ı Esasi(foundation law), Şeyh Alizâde Hoca Muhyidd