Geri Anasayfa


Panic of Sexual Idenity: Being A Woman

The gap between becoming man or woman biologically and becoming man or woman socially is the main reason why the concept of feminism emerged. The main aim of feminism for a woman is getting herself by getting rid of being seen as an object of a man in a lower value. That conscious will ensure the disappearance of the effect of biological discrimination on social order and the most important one, the emancipation of women, the termination of dilemmas and the process of making social structure stronger. This study is a theoretical assessment focusing on a thought that with its sociologic, politic and moral aspects it is false for one sex to alienate the other one and it is the biggest obstacle to the development of humanity by aiming for understanding and questioning women's rights against men's sovereignty.

Key words: Feminism, woman, man, ego, other, conscious.