Geri Anasayfa


Feyyaz Kayacan's Çocuktaki Bahçe İn Novel Home and Street Contrast Or İnsider and Outsider

Feyyaz Kayacan is one of the competent writers of 1950 years who has started his literary studies with stories near by poetry. Although he is noted for poetry and stories, he writes his single novel in 1982 which called as ‘Çocuktaki Bahçe’. In this novel the topic was the sublimating of street and outsider against home and insider by a character whose name was Feyzi. In this study we aimed to stress a close relationship between place and human and also emphasized that the place had left deep impression on the human memory in childhood. In the study, primarily it is mentioned that the relationship between space and human and it is talked about Feyyaz Kayacan ‘s literary perspective, places and person in the novel.

Feyyaz Kayacan, Çocuktaki Bahçe, novel, home, street, place.