Geri Anasayfa


The Flaneur in the İlhan Berk’s İstanbul Kitabı

İlhan Berk, one of most prolific poets of İkinci Yeni era in Turkish poetry, has brought a new point of view to the Turkish poetry. He portrays İstanbul’s poor workers that works in heavy jobs. Berk also narrates the city’s cosmopolit structure, and the small lifes which can be seen in the city’s streets and quarters. He as a flaneur point of view which includes a socialistic tone. It is aimed in this article to evaluate the İlhan Berk’s poem “İstanbul” in relation with flaneur which is published in İstanbul Kitabı.

İlhan Berk, İstanbul in Turkish Poetry, İstanbul Kitabı, Flaneur, the city and the poetry.