Geri Anasayfa


The Question of The Studies of Minstrel Style Poems in Kars Context

Erzurum-Kars Region which is one of the first mentioned places in the studies of minstrel style poems in Turkey takes place in both written and oral works of almost all of the researchers with the saying “the place where the culture still exists and is being perpetuated”. That the historical, demographic and the geological position of the district enables the relationship between the narrator and the audience, which grounds the existence and the maintenance of this culture throughout the years, causes this utterance to become a classical. Yet in the last quarter of this century, the cultural structure of the region that changes in terms of culture, economy and sociology weakens the continuity of this tradition. That the institutions which are not adequately interested in the very latest improvements hasn’t met the expectations increases the minstrelsy’s disappointment; and moreover, the minstrels’ socio-economic straits are the order of the day instead of the art of minstrelsy itself.

Minstrelsy of Kars, The Tradition of Minstrelsy, The Question of Minstrelsy