Geri Anasayfa


Reflections of the Saadabad Pact in Cumhurıyet and Ulus Newspapers

After her establishment under the leadership of Mustafa Kemal, one of the preferential aims of new Turkish Republic had been securing continuity and safety of the new established state. For this purpose, the new Turkish state after her establishment followed the way of setting up peace and friendship relations with all states of the world, developing her mutual relations with foreign states and signing friendship and cooperation agreements with them. In this frame, she followed a policy to set up regional alliances. The first step of this policy was the Balkan Entente dated 9 February 1934 which is signed after an intense diplomacy. After securing the west borders with Balkan Entente, Turkish Republic she changed her route to East to set up peace and friendship relations there in order to secure Eastern borders. Such as the intense diplomacy followed before the Balkan Entente, before the Saadâbad Pact (Eastern Pact) dated 9 July 1937 a solid diplomacy had been followed.

Saadabad, Eastern Pact, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq