Geri Anasayfa


Şiir Demeti Written by Ali Ekrem (Bolayır) for Children to the Religious and Moral Education

In this study has been studied the period of Servet-i Fünûn poet Ali Ekrem (Bolayir) 's for children written by Şiir Demeti (a Bunch of Poetry) in his religious and moral elements, and advices, focuses on the idea of education in terms of this work has also compared his book Şermin written by Tevfik Fikret. Tevfik Fikret, who ten years ago written in his book Şermin that he wrote for children, In the Ali Ekrem's book he passed messages to religious and moral responsibilities, noting that wants to educate to children, but in Fikret's book that he wants to develop children’s art, nature, education and awareness of reading is discussed.

Ali Ekrem, Şiir Demeti, child, religion, morality, education, Şermin, Tevfik Fikret.