Geri Anasayfa


Handover of Iran’s independence to Curzon: 1919 England-Iran treaty and Hasan Vusuk (Vusukuddavla)

Iran declared its neutrality before the First World War, but went into war due to England’s and some of governors’’ efforts who belonged to England. During the war Iran whose lands invaded by England and Russia, lost most of its young population, and weaken politically and economically. English diplomacy which prevented Iran to enter the peace treaty agreement meeting prevented it revealing its right to other countries which caused in long term Iran, dependent on England. Curzon, who wanted Iran’s groundwater resources and petroleum for England only, bribed grand vizier Vusukuddavla and some ministers and made a treaty with Iran. Generous offers included in treaty were not given to Iran but caused to take control over Iran’s treasury. Inexperienced shah who got bribe and debt from England was not good on taking interventions.

Iran, Vusukuddavla, England, Curzon, Influence