Geri Anasayfa


A Critical Review Of The XIVth-XVth Century Olden Anatolian Turkish Turkish Medical Literature In Terms Of Turkish Language And Culture

Turks were severally influenced by the Islamic Medical Literature of Middle-Age and had begun to use this knowledge from the beginning of the Tenth Century. Consequently, Turks had written many medical books using olden Turkish during the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Centuries. Each of these books had exclusive value and importance on Turkish Language and culture. Additionally, these books were one of the most crucial sources of Turkish Language and culture. These Turkish medical books not only included advanced scientific knowledge for the time period in which they were written they also included noteworthy medical knowledge and rich material for the language science. This is proved to be true by the sampled analysis of language with regard to lexic phonetic, morphologic, semantic and syntactic, approaches. This study is not only an important contribution to the Turkish Language and Turkish History of Culture; it is also a demonstration of the importance and functional impact of Fourteenth and Fifteenth Century Turkish Medical Literature on the development and enrichment of Turkish Language and Culture.

Turkish Language, Old Anatolian Turkish, XIVth-XVth Century Turkish Medical Manuscript, Historical M