Geri Anasayfa


From History to Nationalism with Theatre: Attila in Turkey

Turkish History Thesis which stems from the idea that Turks came from Central Asia and a civilization founding nation is a view of history supported by Atatürk during the years of foundation of Turkish Republic. Depending on this, many poems, novels, and plays have been rendered. Behçet Kemal Çağlar’s play Attila is one of the verse drama written in the said period. This study aims to scrutinize this work in terms of Turkish History Thesis. The work will be considered in the grip of Turkish History Thesis and nationalism, and the focus will be on such matters as Attila’s time, Attila’s type features, Attila in the eyes of the West, Turan and Attila, religion and Attila, race and Attila, Kızılelma ve Attila, history education and Turkish History Thesis and Attila.

Turkish History Thesis, Attila, Turan, Religion, Race.