Geri Anasayfa


The Harmony Between the Poet and the Composer

Harmony means “concord, order, having fun by singing and play-ing, and spree”. In music, harmony refers to the concord between sounds and also refers to tune and order. A harmony between the poet and the composer, on the other hand, exists when lyrics and music mix with one another and become one. Works created by poets and composers tell stories, arouse feelings and teach things, besides their technical, aesthetic, and harmonic qualities. The most important element of harmony in these works, of course, is prosody, the concord between lyrics and music. Works in which there is a harmony between lyrics and music are lasting, instructive and high quality art works. Besides language, there are other elements of prosody that contri-bute to harmony. One of these elements is the ability of the selected makam (mode) and rhtym to express the lyrics, another is the balance in musical structure, that is to say, the balance between the internal and the external structure of the work (mo-tive, sentence, period). These three are important and large issues that require separate study, but they will be taken up in the study only briefly.

Poet, Lyrics, Musical Composition, Prosody, Harmony