Geri Anasayfa


The Novel of the Journalist: Esrâr-ı Cinâyât

Modernism in Turkish literature begins by the mediation of journal. Most of new literary types attained to our literature owe their existances and developments to journal. Yusuf Kâmil Paşa brings in first translation novel to Turkish by means of consecutive narrative for a newspaper. After that novels are published by means of consecutive narrative in Tanzimat era. Ahmet Mithat Efendi is both journalist and novelist. Ahmet Mithat Efendi who seeks compromise between journal and novel handles the contribution of both type to each other in Esrâr-ı Cinâyât novel. In the novel, he discusses the cooperation of a civil servant who encounters pressure and a true journalist for the criminals to be catched and handed over to the justice and for the relief of the conscience of public. The novelist that makes journal and journalist the most important component for the solution of events gives a lot of information about the journalism in Tanzimat era, as well. On this occasion, the affairs like journalism, typography, Newsprinting Regulation (Matbuat Nizamnamesi), freedom of notion newspaper- government relation and censorship become the most important matters that emphasize on in the novel.

Novel, Newspaper, Journalist, Tanzimat Press, Censorship