Geri Anasayfa


Being an Interpreter in Ottoman Galata: Estate and Depts of a Venetian Dragoman (1672)

ABSTRACT After opening the embassies of European states in the center of the Ottoman Empire, intensive diplomatic relations began between the both sides. Interpreters are played an important role as mediator agents of two different world. Republic of Venice attributed a special importance to interpretership. Also, an interpreter training school was opened. Venetian interpreters who undertook various tasks were in Istanbul a certain period or all of their lives. They obtained interpreting berat from Ottoman rule to have a number of exemptions. Corci Tomazo, one of this interpreters, was died in Istanbul in 1672. His estate was recorded by the court of Galata. In this study, historical information was given about embassies interpreters, firstly. Later, the estate of Corci has been viewed. A more general conclusions have been reached on the basis of the estate of this interpreter.

Key Words: Dragoman, Venice, estate, dept, Galata