Geri Anasayfa


Three Worlds in Epic Creation of Turkish Public

Turkish nation has a wealthy and deep-rooted literature. Eposes form the most important part of it. They contains the various cultural materials such as customs-traditions and usage-habits and also from apparel to food and beverage which bear the traces of the nation’s belief system. The belief system, called Shamanism, known as the oldest belief system of the Turkish nation. According to that system; the universe consists of three layers called sky, world and underground. Each layer has own God and spirits. Gods, spirits and universe layers have specific features. In this study, we will deal with the triple universe consideration that presents in Shamanism by the examples of Altay, Uzbek, Gagauzion, Karaçay-Malkar and Kazakh eposes, also put forward the reflection of this understanding to these eposes.

Epos, Shamanism, sky, the world, underground.