Geri Anasayfa


The Continuance and Re-Construction of the Collective Consciousness from Epic to Modern Poetry: A Reading Practice of Yahya Kemal’s O Rüzgâr (That Wind) and Oğuz Kağan Destanı (The Epic of Oghuz Kagan).

Following the traces of collective subconscious on the base of literal works from pre-Islam period to modern period will at the same time mean to follow the traces of the maintenance that is changing according to the duration of the existence of the nation. It is possible to relate the mythological work of tribal period The Epic of Oghuz Kagan and Yahya Kemal’s poem O Rüzgâr (That Wind) in the frame of collective sense. In this essay, The Epic of Oghuz Kagan and Yahya Kemal’s O Rüzgâr (That Wind) will be analysed with the inter-texts method.

Legend, poem, intertextuality, frame of collective sense, archetype.