Geri Anasayfa


From Grand Viziership to Prime Ministry

The Grand Vizier, who had been responsible to the Sultan for the administration of the country, the security of the subjects, foreign policy and wars up to the 19th century, began to lose prominence as a result of the centrist reforms initiated by Mahmut II. The Sultan appointed the Grand Vizier’s as the Prime Minister and distributed his powers among ministries. The Grand Viziership was rapidly institutionalized in the process of adapting to Europe and its main function became determining the politics. However, Sultan Abdulmecit abolished the practice of prime ministry and appointed Koca Hüsrev Pasha as the Grand Vizier after the death of Mahmut II. In this article, the changes in the institution of Grand Viziership in the first half of the 19th century were investigated.

Padishah, Grand Vizier, Prime Ministry, Grand Viziership