Geri Anasayfa


Cypriot poet Kaytaz-zâde Mehmet Nâzım Efendi's Stanzas

Kaytaz-zâde Mehmet Nâzım Efendi is accepted one of the late-biggest poets among the Cypriot poets who use the prosody successfully. His poems carries different characteristics in terms of content, form, language and expression since it has been written on transition period in 19th century. Kaytaz-zâde Mehmet Nâzım Efendi’s poems include both the ottoman poetry characteristics and the effects of changing poem apprehension. In our paper, we will introduce Kaytaz-zâde Mehmet Nâzım Efendi and will analyse his Rûh-ı Mecrûh Poems’ stanzas in terms of form, content, language and expression. Also, we will try to show the relationship between his stanzas and ottoman poems examples.

Cyprus, Nazım Efendi, Stanza.