Geri Anasayfa


A Poem Which Dısparages Sailing in 16. Century: Cûyî’s Kesti-nâme

Our knowledge about the life of Cûyî, one of the poets of the 16th century is very limited. There are only information about his life in Tezkire of Riza and S. Nuzhet Ergun’s “Türk Şairleri” (Turkish Poets). There have been found two ghazels (odes) belonging to the poet in Pervane Bey Review. There is also found a Keshtiname of him in two Reviews of poetry manuscripts. According to the data found in the poem, Cuyi who had been a captain of ship was from Tunisia. In this article, life of the poet, and his Keshtiname which was found in the Reviews of poetry. The poem also narrates the problems during sailing.

Cûyî, Keştî-nâme, sailor, sailing terms.