Geri Anasayfa


Social State Concept in the works of Babur Shah

The social state concept based on the works of Babur Shah is to be examined in this work in regard with the tradition of the state philosophy and democratic, secular and rule of law principles. The words such as töre (consuetude), halk (community), birgü (tax), yardımlaşma (solidarity), adalet (law), eşitlik (equality), kineş (consultation) are also evaluated within this frame. Babur Shah, whom the last member of the Timürids and first member of the Baburids is handed over his own experience for posterity and thoughts in written form as seen in the writing purpose of the Orkhon Inscriptions having shared his all activities with his governing body based on his works within the conscious of history (such results based on his works are quoted in our paper). Babur Shah is always emphasized that a governing body based on knowledge and state affairs should be governed with apprehension and knowledge; public order may only be maintained with science but not with force and military.

Babur Shah, Social State, töre (consuetude), halk (community), kineş (consultation)