Geri Anasayfa


The Greek Cypriots’ Efforts to Arm Threatening Regional Peace

In this research, the reasons and consequences of the Greek Cypriots’ activities of armament have been examined. Therefore, the main purpose of the research is to show what the disarmament activities during the discussions taking place between the sides in Cyprus stand for. The issue of disarmament is a matter which has been accepted as a principle by both parties in Cyprus. However, it is not an issue which has been conclusively resolved between the sides. The main reason for this is that the defense strategy of Greek Cypriots is based more on the aim to ‘attack’. Moreover, not only do Greek Cypriots give importance to offensive weapons of the new generation, but also shape their programs of armament accordingly. This way, the Greek Cypriots attempt to transform the balance of power in the region to their own benefit. Actually, the most significant inconvenience of this method is that it is highly expensive and drives both sides towards an arms race. Eventually, this situation has caused an uncontrolled arms race to start on the island. Therefore, this race rightfully leads the concerning parties and guarantor states towards unrest. From this aspect, the efforts of the Greek Cypriots to arm not only threatens the peace in Cyprus which continues in tranquility, but at the same time damages regional peace, disrupts the balances, and triggers the arms race. The proposals put forth for demilitarization and clearing of weapons for the settlement of this situation has been viewed by Greek Cypriots as a strategic step taken in order to eliminate the Treaties of Guarantee and Alliance. On the other hand, although the Turks are not against these two principles, they oppose the amendment of the Treaties of Guarantee and Alliance. Based on this reality, this research is composed of two main sections. In the first section, some important concepts related to disarmament in Cyprus have been hypothetically addressed and evaluated. In the second and final section, the armament activities and military expenditures of the Greek Cypriot Administration have been examined.

Cyprus, Disarmament, Attack, Balance, War, Enosis