Geri Anasayfa


Martin Hartmann and Oriental studies

In the 19th century, Germany, trying to catch up with France and England, which were prominent countries as having a say in the world as a result of colonialism activities, tries to be included in the competition by protoming its relations with Ottoman Empire, militarily, politically, economically and culturally. In this period, as a result of Oriental studies speeded up in Germany, many researchers came to east. One of those orientalist, Martin Hartmann, travelling from North Africa to China, by collecting information concerning religion, language, literature, history, geography and traditions of the communities living at those regions, put down many Works. Hartmann, having come during a perion in which the middle east was most turbulent politically, did not keep away fron the political movements and promoted independence efforts of the Arabs who were under the sway of the Ottoman empire. Hartmann, having done studies in the field of Turcology, sometimes made prejudicious evaluations as result of his impatient and impetuous personality.

Colonialism, Germany, orientalism, Martin Hartmann, Turcology