Geri Anasayfa


Information About the Villages Dulkadirli Kirsehir (Tradition, Custom, Customs, Sources of livelihood)

Prepared in this article consists of two parts. After giving information about the history of the first part Dulkadirliler Dulkadirli villages in Kırşehir (Dulkadirli İnli Murat, Dulkadirli Kara İsa, Dulkadirli Karşıyaka, Dulkadirli Yarımkale, Dulkadirli Hasöyük, Dulkadirli Kartalkaya)'s presentation is made. In addition, other tribes and clans that make up the Kırşehir Dulkadirli Nationhood in which villages were settled. In the second part of the livelihood of these villages, the types of food, wedding-marriage customs, evil eye, rain prayers, superstitious beliefs night, nail cutting, etc. sit in the doorway. People who died with customs, traditions of pilgrims farewell... farewell and soldiers. In short, customary units will be given information about customs and traditions. In addition, we took photos that we have done in the villages of this study was supported Dulkadirli.

Kırşehir, Dulkadirli villages, history, customs and traditions