Geri Anasayfa


Adaptation Of Adolescent Future Expectations Scale

Future expectation is one of the factors that influence the period person live in and his/her future life. Experiences gained alter quality of these expectations. Positive experiences gained enable the person to manage the period he/she has lived in and to raise expectation level, thus having high level performance in his/her future life. In this research, FESA scale was adapted to Turkish for this purpose. With comments of experts with respect to the scale, exploratory and confirmatory factor analysis was performed for the scale. For factor analysis, SPSS 17 and Amos 16 packages were used. According to factor analysis, it is shown that four-factor structure of the scale is applicable. With this scale, influence of various independent variables upon future expectations can be determined in terms of adolescents. In addition, thanks to this scale adapted, teachers and educational institutions can determine future expectations of their learners and thus shape educational activities to be performed.

Adolescence, Future Expectations, Scale Adaptation, Performance