Geri Anasayfa


An Evaluation On The Topics Related To Morphology In The Secondary School Text Books

What studied in this research was to study the morphology related topics in the secondary school books. In the research we examined three different text books prepared for different educational programs. Our first do was to realize the basic concepts and study subjects of the field of morphology, then the topics related to morphology in the studied books were evaluated. It was found that there were many lacking with the topics related to morphology, and there were many inaccuracies with the examples and information given in the related books. At the end of the study, for avoiding similar problems in the coming books again, the importance of complying with the principles and methods of the science of morphology when preparing a text book and to importance of covering of the latest improvements of the Turkish grammar in the text books were stressed.

Grammar, linguistics, secondary school, morphology, text books.