Geri Anasayfa


The Azerbaijani and Turkey Utopia in Anar`s White Ram and Black Ram

Fantastic elements, utopia, specially, features of stories have place in the works of Anar, one of the contemporary representatives of the Azerbaijani literature. The poet took advantage of these features more or less. The sixth floor in "The Sixth Floor of the Five-Story Building, moving limousine without a driver in the “Red Limousine”, beautiful summer house in the “Fright”, alive Albino in the bed room, mysterious events in “The Connection”, speaking subjects in pictures, appearing and escaping 30 storied building and other elements have successfully been narrated in the stories. Another story of Anar “White Ram, Black Ram ” having utopic and distopic features , drawing attention. Utopias on Azerbaijan and Turkey`s future of 21th century have been narrated in the work.

Key Words: Anar, White Ram, Black Ram, story, Utopia, Distopia, Baki, Turkish world, Independent Aze